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NYU Compiler Construction CSCI-GA.2130/Spring 2021: Programming Assignment 3

This assignment is adapted from with the authors' permission.

See the PA3 document on Piazza for a detailed specification.


Run the following commands to compile your code generator and run the tests:

mvn clean package
java -cp "chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar" chocopy.ChocoPy \
  --pass=..s --test --run --dir src/test/data/pa3/sample/

The dots in --pass make the compiler skip parsing and semantic analysis and go straight to code generation. --pass=..s uses your (s for student) generator to generate code from an annotated AST (the .ast.typed files under src/test/data/pa3/sample/). With the starter code, only one test should pass. Your main objective is to build a code generator that passes all the provided tests.

--pass=..r uses the reference (r for reference) generator, which should pass all tests.

In addition to running in test mode with --test, you can also observe the actual output of your (or reference) generator with:

java -cp "chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar" chocopy.ChocoPy \
  --pass=..s src/test/data/pa3/sample/

You can also run all passes on the original .py file:

java -cp "chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar" chocopy.ChocoPy \
  --pass=rrr src/test/data/pa3/sample/

Once you merge your semantic analysis code from assignment 2, you should be able to use --pass=sss.

Generating vs Running

The above should be familiar from previous assignments. A new aspect of PA3 is the distinction between generating and running the code.

The following outputs the generated RISC-V assembly (with the usual option to save to a file with --out):

java -cp "chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar" chocopy.ChocoPy \
  --pass=rrr src/test/data/pa3/sample/

The following (note the --run option) generates the assembly and then runs it on the bundled RISC-V emulator:

java -cp "chocopy-ref.jar:target/assignment.jar" chocopy.ChocoPy \
  --pass=rrr --run src/test/data/pa3/sample/